Guest Professors/ Guest Artists

Giya Kanceli


Lecture on Composition and the Aesthetics of contemporary Music

Yiannis Kyriakides

Composer,Sound artist, Professor of composition at the Royal conservatory of Music in the Hague

Seminar on composition

Dr Nikos Tsouris

PhD in Sociology, Author

Music in Modern Sicuety

Theodora Baka

Soloist, mezzo soprano, Greek National Opera

Seminar on Early music singing

Dr Menelaos- Dimitris Kountouras

Recorder and baroque flute soloist, professor at univerisity of Makedonia – Thessaloniki

Seminar on Interpretation and Approach of Medieval music with empgasis on the Turin Codex

Katarzyna Mycha

Marimba player and Percussionist

Percussion and marimba Masterclass

Constantinos Loizou

Piano Technician and Tuner

Seminar on Piano Tuning

Dr Andreas Kameris

Research scientist at laboratory of Music Technology at Herzen state pedagogical University of Russia

Music Technology seminars

Tomas Tranströmer

Poet, Psychologist , Translator

Recipient of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature

Lecture on poetry and music.


Alexandros Giovanos

Percussion Soloist

Percussion Masterclass

Irini Tsirakidou

Soloist – Mezzo soprano, Greek National Opera

Vocal Masterclass

Genia Chudinovich

Pianist, composer, Author of ‘Piano Yoga’

Seminar based on her book ‘Piano and Yoga’

Nick Warden

Soloist, Bass, Professor at Royal Academy of Music

Vocal Masterclass

Dr Jim Samson

Author, Musicologist

Seminar on ‘Editing Chopin works

Antreas Yiannakouras

Trumpet Soloist, Sub-leader of Cyprus Symphony Orchestra

Trumpet Lessons

Marinos Tranoydakis

Leader Timpanist, Greek National Opera

Percussion Masterclass

Lucas Beno

Master in Performance, Mannheim University of Music and Performance Arts, Germany

Trumpet Lessons

Vasilis Panagiotopoulos

Jazz drummer soloist

Jazz Masterclass

Andreas Christodoulou

Professor of Traditional Music

Seminar on Cyprus Folk Music

Nearchos Georgiadis


Lecture based on his book ‘We build Smyrna, Athens and Piraeus through their songs’

Sokratis Anthis

Trumpet Soloist, Artistic Director of Corfu Philharmonic Society ‘Mandzaros’

Trumpet Lessons

Gina Poulou

Soloist , Soprano, Greek National Opera

Seminar on Voice technique

Christidoros Mnasonos

Professor of Traditional Music

Lecture on Cyprus Traditional Music

Michalis Terlikkas

Performer, Researcher of Cyprus Traditional Music

Seminar on Cyprus Traditional Music

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