Our History

ARTE Music Academy was founded in September 2002 as the first Music Institution of Tertiary Education in Cyprus.

The Academy offers a 4-year studies course leading to the Degree of a Bachelor’s in Music and it is evaluated – accredited by C.E.E.A and approved by KY.S.T.S.

The programme offers orientation towards Performance, Composition, Music Education and Academic study of Music.

The programme of studies aims to advance musical understanding, creativity, individual expression and interpretation and to expand academic interest and critical though among the students. To achieve this, the Academy follows a high level of academic teaching and evaluation.

Graduate students are fully equipped to pursue a career in the form of teaching, performing, composing or other music- related employment, or to continue further studies. Great emphasis is given to the development of the individual potential of each student.

The faculty consists of eminent musicians and scholars of different musical backgrounds, covering a wide range of interests and research. Martino Tirimo, the distinguished pianists and musician serves as the artistic director of the Academy.

The principal of the Academy is Pitsa Spyridaki who is recognized for her contribution in music education in Cyprus for many years.

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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 5 PM


Μουσική Ακαδημία ARTE
Αναστασίου Λεβέντη 34–36
Λευκωσία 1097