Our Philosophy


  •  High education music studies
  • High level of teaching and evaluation
  • Student’s preparation of entering the musical profession with success in the fields of music education, concert performance and music and artistic fields
  • High standard of education for further music studies and research.


  • Contribution to the development and upgrading of music education and culture in Cyprus.
  • Development of technique interpretation and musical expression on performance
  • Development of perception and understanding of compositional styles of every period
  • Development of analysis and understanding of musical structure and form
  • Music knowledge and comprehension of music work
  • Development of music memory
  • Development of critical faculty in different styles of composition and performance
  • Cultivation of self- confidence and the sense of working together in ensemble work
  • Development of independent musical thought and initiative
  • Development of student’s personality through different aspects of music making as a means of expression and communication
  • Development and enrichment of the student’s mental and emotional world through a balanced approach and through the variety of the available subjects
  • Development of concentration and general up-liftmen of awareness
  • Cultivation of inspiration and love for music and all fine arts
  • Exchanges with other institutions from abroad with the ai, of cooperation in the fields of music education, and performance and to help graduates entering the musical profession.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methods and the general educational policy of the Academy are in accordance with the aims and goals of each course and of the Academy in general.  The aim of the teaching is not merely an accumulation of knowledge but an active involvement of the students in the process of learning.  The students have the chance to express their views on the programme and suggest changes through the appropriate Committees.  They are asked to evaluate the teaching and they are encouraged to do research and develop critical thinking.  The teachers are encouraged to exchange ideas between them and to co-ordinate their efforts and this leads to a rounder approach in their teaching.



Arte Music Academy

Since 2002


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